History of Jur

The Jur novels came about during slow night shifts in France. Around 1965 I was a squad leader for a bunch of Army MPs in Southern France. At night, while working the desk and my patrols were keeping law and order, to pass the time I created plots and characters attempting to write fiction. Nothing became of my interest in writing until 1970, after a tour in the jungle of Vietnam, and those plots came back to me. I wrote the first two novels during that year, and sent the first to publishers. Basically, my main characters were an Army Green Beret and a French archaeologist, who accidentally fall through a time tunnel to the Jurassic Period. When the first novel didn’t go anywhere I set the manuscripts aside. James Reasoner suggested I change the Green Beret and set the beginning after the Stock Market Crash of ’29. The rest is history. The sequence of the novels are: “Jur: A Story of Pre Dawn Earth”, “Savage Land of Jur”, “Lost Land of Jur”, “Queen of Jur”, “Treasure of Jur”, and “Drums of Jur”. "Pangaea: Eden's Planet" actually takes place in the Permian Period, prior to the Jurassic, but it is the story that truly begins the JUR series.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lost Land of Jur NBI Edition

This third novel in the Jur series features Bush pilot, Jack Richards, seeking adventure. As he steps through the time portal, taking him back a hundred and eighty million years to the Jurassic period he encounters terrible dinosaurs, horrific beasts, and wild savages. After rescuing Mai Ling, another time traveler, she is captured and carried off to an ancient city. Jack must trail the savages and rescue the girl since he knows he has fallen in love with her. Their quest is filled with many dangers as they search for the fabled domed city of the First Ones. If they can survive, the domed city offers a way home for Mai Ling, even though Jack Richards does not wish to leave Jur.

Cover by Linnea Sinclair, and published by NBI in 2003, the paperback is now long out of print. It’s still available from the author for $15.95 at fadingshadows40@gmail.com

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