History of Jur

The Jur novels came about during slow night shifts in France. Around 1965 I was a squad leader for a bunch of Army MPs in Southern France. At night, while working the desk and my patrols were keeping law and order, to pass the time I created plots and characters attempting to write fiction. Nothing became of my interest in writing until 1970, after a tour in the jungle of Vietnam, and those plots came back to me. I wrote the first two novels during that year, and sent the first to publishers. Basically, my main characters were an Army Green Beret and a French archaeologist, who accidentally fall through a time tunnel to the Jurassic Period. When the first novel didn’t go anywhere I set the manuscripts aside. James Reasoner suggested I change the Green Beret and set the beginning after the Stock Market Crash of ’29. The rest is history. The sequence of the novels are: “Jur: A Story of Pre Dawn Earth”, “Savage Land of Jur”, “Lost Land of Jur”, “Queen of Jur”, “Treasure of Jur”, and “Drums of Jur”. "Pangaea: Eden's Planet" actually takes place in the Permian Period, prior to the Jurassic, but it is the story that truly begins the JUR series.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Pangaea: Eden's Children

Sudden death in a prehistoric jungle. Armed only with bow and arrows, Desree, the beautiful jungle girl defends her savage land from strange invaders armed with modern weapons, searching for hidden storage vaults filled with treasure worth a dozen King Solomon's Mines. But the jungles of Pangaea are not so easily conquered! When the Jur novels were tied up due to Aspen Mountain Press, Tom refused to let them have “Treasure of Jur”, and turned the plot into a sequel of “Pangaea: Eden’s Planet”, bringing us “Eden’s Children” instead. This book is no longer available. Ton Johnson's fascinating sequel to last year's "Pangaea: Eden's Planet" is filled with pulp action and adventure in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs' many prehistoric tales.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Three Go Back

Three Go Back by Tom Johnson. When their teleport vehicle malfunctions, becoming a time machine, it sends three young girls back in time on a journey of discovery they never expected. From the Ice Age through the Cretaceous, Permian, Carboniferous, and finally to the beginning of the Earth’s evolution of life, they experience their world’s prehistoric past in all its splendor and terror, coming away with the joy of knowledge and adventure!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pangaea: Eden's Planet

This is the story that truly begins the Jur series. It is here where the Ancient Ones originate, during the Permian Period, 60 million years before the Jurassic and dinosaurs. Pulp adventure returns to science fiction in “Pangaea: Eden’s Planet”.

Seven astronauts en route to Mars encounter a time warp in space that disables their ship. Crash landing on Earth, they discover an alien planet sixty million years before the dinosaurs. Pangaea, the super continent, is filled with danger and terror, as they must survive against fierce reptiles that ruled the Earth 250 million years in the past!

Available for $2.99 on Kindle, and print for $13.50 from the author at fadingshadows40@gmail.com

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Drums of Jur

In Tom Johnson’s “Drums of Jur”, the 6th novel in the popular Jur saga, Jurak, the son of Aaron Jameson and Odette Aimee St. Claire, born on Jur, returns to his birthplace seeking adventure – and love. When the Queen of Kal-dar is kidnapped it brings an ape clan and wild men together to mount a rescue. Dinosaurs, danger, and thrills in the savage land of prehistoric Jur. Don’t miss this final tale in the series.

Published by Fading Shadows as a paperback in 2013, available from the author for $12.95 at fadingshadows40@gmail.com Also available on Kindle for $2.99.

Treasure of Jur

In Tom Johnson’s “Treasure of Jur”, the 5th novel in the popular Jur saga, Nazi Germany has found a time portal giving them access to the treasures of a prehistoric land. But even with superior weapons, Hitler’s supermen may not win through to the ultimate prize. Jungle excitement and thrills await the reader in this current tale of greed and murder in a savage pre-dawn world.

Published by Fading Shadows as a paperback in 2013, available from the author for $12.95 at fadingshadows40@gmail.com Also available on Kindle for $2.99.

Queen of Jur Kindle Edition

In this 4th novel in the Jur series, while lost in a prehistoric land that time forgot, a twentieth century couple must survive the dangers of savage beasts and dinosaurs. Jack Richards, captured by the flying birdmen, is a prisoner of She-la, the self-proclaimed queen of this unknown land. Far to the east, a strange rescue party consisting of wild men and half apes, led by the beautiful French girl, marches through wild, uncharted jungle searching for the lost city where Jack is held. Action and adventure at its best.

Cover by Kevin Duncan, and published by Kindle. It’s available from Kindle for $2.99.